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door installation services

Even if you are not moving to a new house, yet there are times when new door installation is almost inevitable. These times include when you are renovating your garage or when the existing door is getting too old for further repairs. In any of these cases, be reminded that Hewlett Garage Door Repair, NY is your partner in progress. We are professionals and we have fair for the safety and security of our clients, families and properties. Please note that installing a new door is not an end on its own, rather it could best be described as a means to an end. We must confess that regardless of the best quality of your door at the point of installation, if you fail to give it consistence maintenance service, such door may not last long. It is just normal to contact us for new motor installation when the old one is weak. The moment you notice that your door is behaving funny, do not embark on DIY service, otherwise you may aggravate the problem. We are at your service and to enhance your quality of life with wonderful door maintenance at discount prices. Our existing clients can testify that we do not charge extra fee under any name, so when your door is experiencing broken spring, we can fix it suitably at value for money.